Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Queen of the backhanded compliment (or New Year's Eve with Aunt Margaret)

Your ears look much less saucer-like
When your hair is up like that
But it doesn't do your forehead favours
Consider wearing a hat.

Your dress is so unusual
Wherever did you buy it?
They do your size M & S now
Really, you should try it.

And your shoes are so adorable
What lovely little bows
They're so conveniently pointed
You can barely see your toes!

How are your dear old mum and dad?
Do you still live at home?
I guess it's that much cheaper
Than renting a flat on your own.

And are you still in your old job?
I must say I'm impressed
You stuck to your guns, and didn't give in
To better prospects of money and success.

It must be nice and comfortable
To not be striving for more
Climbing up the career ladder
Can sometimes be a chore.

And no one on you arm tonight?
No new boyfriend to share?
Cheer up my solitary dove
There'll always be next year!

1 comment:

  1. lol this is so true, everyone has THAT relative