Sunday, 22 August 2010

Oedipus! You idiot! What have you done?

Oedipus! You idiot!
What have you done?
You've killed off your father
And married your mum!

Melodrama this gruesome
Ultimately renders
The Greek tragedy
As grim as Eastenders!

The Oracle at Delphi said
If Laius and Jocasta bore a son
He'd kill off his father
And marry his mum.

So like every good parent
With the greatest composure
The King order the lad to be crippled
And left to die of exposure.

The servant took pity
On our poor protagonist
(If Laius had known about that
He would have been pissed!)

So after a good few years -
A strange chain of events -
He became the prince of Corinth
With royal adoptive parents.

The oracle from before
Gives the same prophecy
The Oedy will kill off his dad
And marry his mummy.

Oedipus, worried
Flies into exile
Away from the King and Queen of Corinth
And into the wild.

But who should he meet
But Laius, his father,
With whom he argues and kills
What a massive palaver!

For killing the Sphinx
The king's widow is proffered
And you know its quite rude
To refuse a Queen when offered!

So the oracle was right
And true the prophecy had come
Oedipus had killed his own dad
And had four kids with his mum!

When he found out the truth
Oedipus gouged out both his eyes
(Well this is Greek tragedy
So it should come as no surprise.)

If you ask me, the oracle
should've been straight from the start
She caused all the trouble
With her mysterious art.

The moral of the story,
Don't be stupid and dumb
Don't kill your dad
And don't sleep with your mum!


  1. You're quite possibly my favourite person ever.

  2. awesome, it kind of reminds me of the galaxy song by eric idle, where you've somehow preserved all of the factual accuracy whilst keeping up the rhyme