Sunday, 27 June 2010

I want a geek

"I want a man who knows I.T.
Who can get me a refurbished hard drive for free.
A man who has two Star Trek uniforms, one red and one blue
And who measures time in terms of who is Doctor Who.
I want a geek, a first-rate nerd
A man who owns a a model of Brains from Thunderbirds.
I want a man whose not ashamed
To invite me into his World of Warcraft game.
I want a bloke who can quote Monty Python
And knows what I mean when I ask 'Picard or Riker?'
I want a man who owns five computer screens
And has Firefly on V.H.S. (whatever that means)
I want a man whose idea of fun
Doesn't involve beer, football or sun
And whose idea of sex talk is 'Set phaser to stun!'
And feels constant embarassment for Episode One."

Its a proposition that techies cannot resist
But, bad news for them, this woman doesn't exist.
That's what you get for trying to find love on the net
Wookielover99 is actually a fat man called Chet.


  1. I... tip my hat to you. I'm going to go out and buy five more hats, just so that I can tip them to you.