Monday, 17 May 2010

Thinking about Politics

Frowning muscles, skin pulled taut
Scanning BBC News, lost deep in thought
Ruminating over issues that you've never been taught
Ask the pundits simple questions, and they'll derisively snort
Like what is a QUANGO? Have the voters been screwed?
How deep does the debt go? What's Sam Cam's favourite food?
Will there be Anti-Cameron riots? Or pro-labour mobs?
Will all civil servants lose their cushy, pointless jobs?
Are we heading for a certain creek with no paddle in sight?
Was it really worth staying up on election night?
And of all those who watched them announce the coalition
How many were waiting for some hot Lib on Con action?
(Let's face it, you can tell there's some level of attraction
It's like the political equivalent of Brokeback Mountain.)
They say Western Democracy is fair and diverse
But to be ruled by two losing parties, is kind of perverse
And if all this politics talk fails to make you swoon
Then worry yee not, Big Brother's back in June.

1 comment:

  1. Like it.
    Very, Very British.
    My favourite line is the one about Brokeback Mountain.
    Although they look very similar - brotherly almost, so that could be quite perverse.
    More perverse than was originally suggested anyway.
    There's something about your poetry that makes me want to comment in verse...