Thursday, 18 March 2010

Competition winner

Hi everyone,

I won my first writing competition yesterday! is an American online writing community which lets contributors post their writing online. Other contributors are then free to offer contructive criticism to each other. It's a great idea and every month they have competitions for poetry and short stories. And I won first prize for February! I am one hundred dollars better off. Which is lovely. The poem that won is reproduced below:

The sculptor

I could never sculpt hands.
I can transfigure my chisel
Into a typewriter and speak a personal history,
Sculpt the deep rivulets of emotions
Around the eyes of dictators and devils,
Divas and demigods,
Fashioning life
From bronze and stone.
Or recreate the folds of gowns
That envelope sleeping nymphs,
While patterns, Klimt-like
Wreath the delicate tendrils of their hair.
But if I could emulate the warmth of a handshake,
The articulation of a hand raised and lowered
In debate;
Or capture the vitriol of an obscene gesture...

I cannot conceive the corrugation of weather-worn knuckles
Bleached and tanned by an unforgiving sun.
Or the elegant ebony hand
Whose pale palms serve a contrast of colour
More pleasing than any canvas.

I only wish I could sculpt hands.


  1. Nicely done.

    Do you think they were more receptive due to it being about the creative process itself?

  2. I think it certainly helped. These sort of contests favour 'serious' poems - comic poems don't tend to work well because the judges tend to take poetry quite seriously and also its difficult to appeal to a broad demographic through comedy because people's tastes vary so much. I guess.