Thursday, 18 February 2010


I could never sculpt hands.

I can transfigure my chisel
Into a typewriter and speak a personal history,
Sculpt the deep rivulets of emotions
Around the eyes of dictators and devils,
Divas and demigods,
Fashioning life
From bronze and stone.
Or recreate the folds of gowns
That envelope sleeping nymphs,
While patterns, Klimt-like
Wreath the delicate tendrils of their hair.
But if I could emulate the warmth of a handshake,
The articulation of a hand raised and lowered
In debate;
Or capture the vitriol of an obscene gesture...

I cannot conceive the corrugation of weather-worn knuckles
Bleached and tanned by an unforgiving sun.
Or the elegant ebony hand
Whose pale palms serve a contrast of colour
More pleasing than any canvas.

I only wish I could sculpt hands.


  1. Hands are always the hardest.

    Once again I love your rhythm - your words are like water trickling over uneven rocks!


  2. Thank you for your comments. I am planning to comment on your character study, its fantastic :)

  3. Hello all, just to let you know, this poem has won a prize! So that's nice.